A special blend of live beneficial microorganisms for your poultry needs:

Benefits Broilers:

  • Reduce the use of antibiotics
  • Better weight gain
  • Faster natural growth
  • More even size in the flocks
  • More resistance to diseases
  • Better quality carcass
  • NO withdrawal time
  • Better feed conversion

Benefits Layers:

  • Improves the size and quality of the eggs
  • Reduce the problems in dirty and cracked eggs
  • Increases production and time of production
  • Less problems at hatching
  • Reduces heat stress
  • Decrease the use of pigmentation

Benefits in reproduction:

  • Improves Hatching
  • Better fertility
  • Increase production


A unique blend to reduce the damage caused by mycotoxins:

Benefits of Sm~BIND in poultry: 

  • Lowers the damage caused by Aflatoxin B1
  • Fumonisin B1
  • Fumonisin B2
  • Citrinin
  • Vomitoxin (DON)
  • T-2 Toxin
  • Zearalenone
  • Ochratoxin




Benefits in Swine:

  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Better survival rate Prevents diarrhea
  • Deactivate mycotoxins
  • Compensate the effect 
    of mycotoxins

A Universe Of Intelligent ProBiotics

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