Peak Performance by Smart Microbials Peak Performance is a specially blended product just for horses, rich in ProBiotics, digestive enzymes, trace minerals, beta Glucan and other health giving nutrients for the health and performance of your horse!
ProBiotic and digestive enzyme supplementation is a way of encouraging the proliferation of certain "good" (beneficial) bacteria to work in concert with the digestive process. There is a microbial balancing act, which can be accomplished by feeding beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes, that can help to create an ideal environment for these microorganisms to flourish maintaining health and well being of the animal.
In this day and age, it is common that equine "feedstuffs" contain soybean meal, plant protein by-products, molasses and other cereal type ingredients. These ingredients are then mechanically processed, cooked, steamed, extruded, and cubed. All the processing coupled with extended storage often destroy essential enzymes. From all of this over-processing, depleted-nutrient deficient soils, and stress, some equines are also beginning to suffer from food enzyme deficiencies, which can by themselves lead to an array of non-specific symptoms related to this situation. Your horse's body requires enzymes to process and deliver its food. It also needs to be supplemented with good bacteria (ProBiotics) to break down and absorb the nutrition found in that same food to maintain health and wellness in order to stay sound and active.
There are three kinds of "bacteria": good, neutral and bad. The horse needs a balance of the "bad" bacteria to keep the "good" in check. As long as the balance of "good & bad" bacteria remains constant and the gastrointestinal tract is stable, the horse remains healthy. When the balance is upset, the horse may eat, but may not be able to digest properly or assimilate the nutrients it needs from its food. When this occurs it may begin to show up as a dull coat, skin conditions, inability to maintain weight, slow foot growth or other medical conditions including diarrhea. 
Digestive enzymes, coupled with pro-biymes.

A total compliment of enzymes for ALL your horse needs.




Starch, glycol
Phytic acid 

A Universe Of Intelligent ProBiotics

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