A Universe Of Intelligent ProBiotics

Smart Mibrobials, Inc. was created with the idea of using the most natural and freshest ingredients to boost the animal’s immune system, along with growth rates and increase milk output, which would then allow farmers and ranchers to be able to minimize the wide spread use of antibiotics in the production of Poultry, Swine, Beef and Dairy Cattle.
In using the same theory for the production of Aquaculture around the world, we have been able to harvest a natural blend of specific microorganisms that boost the growth rate and crops production.
With this in mind we have created a “specie specific” natural cocktail of live beneficial microorganisms and immuno-stimulants in the base of our products for each of our markets. In so doing, we have been able to naturally increase the growth rates of poultry, beef and swine by approximately 20%. 
In a world market full of cheap, ineffective ingredients, we guarantee you the freshest, highest quality, nutrient rich products, with guaranteed analysis of live microbials available in today’s competitive market, at competitive prices.   
Remember the competition can “tell” you about a lot of wonderful things their products “can” do, but let your animals speak the last word, let them “show” you with our products!

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